All you can shoot

€ 3,250.00 EUR

What is included in the package?

  • 10 hours of studio time
  • 1 videographer
  • 1 shooting pack including: teleprompter, 4k cinema camera, 15-35 sigma lens, 500 gb ssd drive, microphone, tripod, professional lighting.
  • Basic set build
  • Make up station
  • Edits of the recordings: basic without motion graphics
  • Project management

Possible Extras:

  • Personalised set design 150 euro (no extra studio time included)
  • Motion graphics and music 250 euros
  • Extra recording angle 250 euro (includes extra camera pack)

Deliverables: Whichever takes are good, we will edit it in the format of your choosing. It could be one long video or multiple shorter ones. Perfect for social media, online courses etc.

Whatever you can shoot in 8 hours, we will edit for you. Full package that includes a high quality production team, studio and post production

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